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Blower door Minneapolis Extratech

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Blower door kit

Universal use:
The Minneapolis BlowerDoor Minneapolis BlowerDoor  is a modular measuring system. With its measuring range from 19 m│/h to 7,200 m│/h and the possibility to combine several BlowerDoor systems (MultipleFan), there are no limits to its use in Passive Houses, in newly constructed buildings in accordance with the German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV), and in existing buildings and apartment buildings, as well as in industrial and administrative buildings.

With the DG-700 high precision pressure gauge and the TECTITE Express software you can conduct highly accurate automated, semi-automated and manual BlowerDoor tests in accordance with European Standard EN 13829 via a laptop computer.

When performing quality assurance tests, the BlowerDoor fan is controlled directly from the DG-700 and a one-point test (without a laptop) is conducted to detect leakages.
New: BlowerDoor WiFi (optional) additionally allows you to conduct one-point measurements via an app on your smart phone or tablet.

Minneapolis BlowerDoor Standard with TECTITE Express 4.1: An overview of the most important functions:
  • Automated, semi-automated, and manual BlowerDoor measurements in accordance with European Standard EN 13829
  • Cruise Control function for quality assurance (one-point measurement without laptop)
  • All BlowerDoor Measuring Systems may be purchased with WiFi-Link and app
  • Display of the measuring results for different reference pressures
  • The calibration date of the pressure gauge and the measuring fan is included in the test report
  • Automated acquisition and evaluation of the natural pressure differences
  • Individual adjustment of test settings
  • Measurement results and test reports can be displayed on the laptop on-site
  • Automatic shutdown when limit pressure is reached

State of The Art:
The Airtight Building Envelope The airtightness of the building envelope is an important prerequisite for realizing modern energy concepts in new buildings, as much as for construction projects on existing buildings. It is also an essential aspect of quality assurance. Leaks in the building envelope increase ventilation heat losses. If ventilation equipment is installed in a building, an airtight building envelope is necessary to ensure flawless functioning of the installations, as uncontrolled air flow in the building prevents the optimal use of heat recovery systems and interferes with fresh and exhaust air supply. Preventing drafts significantly increases the indoor  comfort level. Structural damage caused by convective moisture transport into the building construction can be avoided. When rehabilitating existing buildings, an air barrier can be implemented to achieve current low-energy or even passive-house standards.


Blower Door

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Blower door test

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