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BIC Inclinometro bluetooth BIM - Borehole Inclinometer Monitor

Remote control Inclinometer
WLC Piezometro bluetooth
BIM is a remote control system dedicated to monitoring of fixed piezometers, extremely versatile and configurable, expandable with more sensors according to specific customer requirements

The fixed depth Inclinometer is made of a tilt sensor (or by two tilt sensors mounted to 90 ° in the biaxial version) mounted inside a stainless steel tube that, thanks to two carriages each provided with a pair of wheels, is inserted inside the Inclinometer tubes to measure continuously the deformation. Generally connected to one another through a stainless steel wire so as to form a column of instruments, the depth of fixed Inclinometers find their main use in the continuous monitoring of landslides and soil movements in general, but also in the control structural dams, bulkheads, piles or piers, etc.

The probe allows coupling of a stainless steel wire for placement in the hole and for the eventual recovery. All mechanical parts, including the pair of carts with wheels, are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316. The compartment that contains the sensors and the conditioning electronics is completely resin in order to ensure maximum tightness in time against the infiltration of water. Also available are all the accessories for correct installation of the columns instruments within the Inclinometer tubes (suspension cable in stainless steel, head suspension parts in stainless steel, etc.).

BIM can be controlled by the customer through a web platform and also by smartphone through Android application. The measured data is sent, via the integrated GPRS module, the web portal, where the client can query the active monitoring system and display measurements either in tabular format graph.
WLM Water Level MonitorWLC Piezometro bluetooth
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BIC - Bluetooth inclinometer



Probe dimension diameter 30 mm, length 1400 mm
Distance between wheels 1000 m
Probe body, trucks and wheels material acciaio AISI 316
Sensor biaxial MEMS
Measure range da +/- 5° a +/- 30°
Linearity < 0.1% F.S.
Output 4 ... 20 mA
Power 12...15 VDC
Accuracy +/- 0,05°
Operating temperature -10…+40 °C


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