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Wireless system for measuring the deflections in the flat jacks test

DFJ is a wireless system for the measurement of the deformations of the masonry during the test in flat jacks.
Unique in its kind, DFJ acquires, in digital format, the values ​​of the applied pressure with a hand pump to the flat jacks in the walls.
This specific configuration, developed in collaboration with a number of technical and testing laboratories, provides the advantage of having a series of precise data in a single data base, unlike the kit pressurization gauges that use analog or digital but that are not connected to unit of measurement of deformation, whether analog or digital again.

In the market there are solutions "digital" that only provide a reading of the deformation, through a display, (as the product
DEFORMO marketed by us), but the measurement is performed by placing the deformometer on the metal disks pasted on the wall. As for the pressures applied, it reads the data on the display, or, as in some older instruments, the reading takes place through even one or two analog gauges. These systems, having no temporal relationship between the applied load and deformation obtained, are in fact less precise and accurate de our system that captures in a digital way (without the quotes!) Data of time, pressure and deformation.

Our new system
DFJ for the measurements of the deformations and applied loads, represents the state of the art management of the data measured on site. Thanks to wireless technology, the measures will be achieved with ease. Each of our potentiometer and pressure transducer is connected to a wireless data logger for the storage of the measured data. Are also available three channels datalogger that, through a sorting box, handle three position transducers simultaneously.

The automatic reading of the deformations can be implemented on any measurement kit on the market, for customers who want to automate the readings abandoning the traditional system of deformometer manual. On request, it will be possible to insert a pressure transducer on the pump of customers to automate the reading of the applied load.

The software, in a few steps allows to bring back on the graphic diagram loads displacements of the load test performed by highlighting and comparing them between the various curves for the variations in time of the applied load. By filling out the information requested, the practitioner is guided easily into the preparation of the full report of the measurement performed.
DFJ is an integral part of the WMS suite that includes all of the software for calculation of our instrumental kit wireless monitoring.
WMS wireless monitoring solutions

Features extensometer.
Linear Displacement Transducer PZ12 potentiometric eyelets self-aligning choice of 25, 50, 75, 150 and 200 mm, linearity from 0.2% to 0.05%, with cable and connector.

Features wireless system.
- Simultaneously manage up to 500 sensors
- Internal memory: 32256 samples with date and time
- Frequency: 868 MHz ISM
- Air range: 800 - 1000m
- Batteries AA Lithium Ion (included) with connectors
- Internal memory: 32256 samples with date and time


CBM sistema wireless per quadri fessurativi

martinetti piatti

WMS wireless monitoring solutions
box 3 way

Kit per la prova con i martinetti piatti con acquisizione digitale dei dati

Pubblicato da Extratech su Venerdě 26 febbraio 2016
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