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Le radiazioni ionizzanti
Le radiazioni ionizzanti naturali (Radon)
Leggi e Norme sulle radiazioni ionizzanti (IR)
Leggi e Norme sugli agenti fisici
Misuratori di radioattivitą Ecotest
Dosimetro TERRA bluetooth valutazione dell'esposizione personale con allarmi (uso professionale) new
dosimetro Terra
Dosimetro TERRA valutazione dell'esposizione personale con allarmi (uso professionale) dosimetro Terra
Dosimetro Terra P + Dosimetri per esposizione personale con allarmi (uso hobbystico) dosimetro Terra-P
Radiametro STORA-TU bluetooth valutazione delle radiazioni con allarmi (uso professionale) new

radiametro Stora-TU

POSHUK valutazione delle radiazioni
Misuratori di radioattivitą Graetz
Dose Rate Meters Dosimetri X5C plus, GammaTwin, X5C Ex

Dose Rate Meter Graetz GammaTwin

Dose Rate Alarm Units Unitą di allarme

Dose Rate Alarm Unit Graetz GammaTest C

Graetz probes Sonde Graetz Graetz Probe
Dosemeters / Dose Alarm Meters Dosimetri per esposizione personale con allarmi Electronic Personal Dosemeter GRAETZ ED 150
ATEX-approved Instruments Dosimetri per ambienti eplosivi

GammaSmart V.Ex

Area Monitors Monitoraggio ambientale area monitor_Graetz
Contamination Measuring Instruments Contamination Measuring Instruments
Accessories Accessori  
Richiedi un preventivo
di dosimetro
Radon detection instruments
RnF Radon_Free Automatic radon monitoring systems RnF Radon free Plus
RnF OEM Sensor RnF Radon free
Canary Corentium Radon Monitor



Canary Corentium

Product information

Canary gives you the possibility to read the average value for 1 day, for 7 days, and accumulative for the last year. Being battery powered, the monitor can easily be moved around the building, in order to get the full overview of the radon in the home, the workplace, the school or in the kindergarten. Compared to traditional technology, Canary makes it much easier to locate the radon entry in the buildings. If the radon level is above the national action level, you can easily read the effect of simple mitigation measures, before you may have to consider more comprehensive mitigation actions by professionals.

Radon Sampling Method
Passive radon diffusion chamber
Radon Detection Method Alpha spectrometry using digital detector technology.
Precision (at 100Bq/m³) - Short term (7 days) 20% after 1 week
Precision (at 100Bq/m³) - Long term 10% after 1 month
Accuracy < 5% ± 5 Bq/m3
Power Supply 3 LR03 (AAA alkaline battery)
3 years battery life-time
Power Consumption < 250µW
Dimensions 120mm × 69mm × 22.5mm
Weight 130 grams (incl. batteries)
Operation Environment Temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
Relative Humidity < 95%
Measurement range 0 Bq/m³ (lower detection limit)
9999 Bq/m³ (upper display limit)

  Dosimetri di radioattivitą  
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Dosimetri Ecotest Terra
per radiazioni Beta, Gamma e X
dosimetro Terra
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Dosimetri Graetz
per radiazioni Beta, Gamma e X
Electronic Personal Dosemeter GRAETZ ED 150
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  Radon detection instruments  
Remote radon control
Technical specifications
Radon Monitor

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Request price for Radon-meter
Misuratori di Radon



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RnF RadonFree Plus #radon #radonfree #RnF

Pubblicato da RnF Radon Free su Sabato 4 giugno 2016

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