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Le radiazioni ionizzanti naturali (Radon)

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Dosimetro TERRA bluetooth valutazione dell'esposizione personale con allarmi (uso professionale) new
dosimetro Terra
Dosimetro TERRA valutazione dell'esposizione personale con allarmi (uso professionale) dosimetro Terra
Dosimetro Terra P + Dosimetri per esposizione personale con allarmi (uso hobbystico) dosimetro Terra-P
Radiametro STORA-TU bluetooth valutazione delle radiazioni con allarmi (uso professionale) new

radiametro Stora-TU

POSHUK valutazione delle radiazioni
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Contamination Monitor CoMo 170


The CoMo 170 is an efficient, portable contamination monitor equipped with an innovative detector technology for the high sensitive and nuclide referred measurement of surfaces regarding alpha, beta and gamma contaminations. 

The detector technology with thin plastic scintillation detector completely works without gas-filled or gas flow proportional detectors, thus avoiding expensive costs for consumable gas or for repair of Xenon detectors.

Measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation with only one detector. The measuring system automatically identifies the existence of alpha radiation. It is possible to effect a simultaneous, selective measurement of alpha and beta/gamma contaminations.

A defective detector foil can be replaced by the user himself. An expensive repair by the manufacturer is not necessary.

The nuclide referred efficiencies of the scintillation detector can be compared with the efficiencies of common counter tubes.

  • thin-layer plastic scintillation detector with ZnS coating, with integrated photo multiplier and detector electronics, 170 cm² detector surface, mechanically protected by a honeycombed protective grid
  • ergonomically and modern designed housing with large LC-display (128 x 64 pixels), illuminable
  • easy to operate operator surface, touch -sensitive keyboard with 5 function keys
  • indication of measured values either in cps or nuclide referred in Bq or Bq/cm², digital and analog (bar graph) display of measured values
  • calibrated reference nuclide file, free expandable
  • important measurement parameters and settings are secured by a code word
  • integrated storage of measured data, software for data readout and processing
  • integrated calibration software
  • possibility to connect various external detectors, e. g. for dose rate measurements
  • automatic detector identification
  • low weight, approx. 750 g
  • stationary use in wall station (option) with power supply


Contamination Measuring Instruments
Technical Data
Detector type: thin-layer plastic scintillation detector with ZnS coating
Detector size: 170 cm² (mechanically protected by a honeycombed protective grid)
Background count rate: alpha: approx. 0,1 cps
beta/gamma: approx. 15-25 cps
Background count rate subtraction: with adjustable measuring time
Alarm: for each nuclide separately adjustable, acoustic warning
Display of measured values: either in cps or nuclide referred in Bq or Bq/cm²
digital and analog (bar graph) display
Nuclides: 25 nuclides, pre-set calibration factors, variable acc. to user requirements (user-specific nuclides can be added), integrated auto-calibration
Measuring time: continuous (adjustable attenuation), for stationary operation adjustable in sec
Display: large, graphic LC-display (128x64 pixels), with illumination (illumination time adjustable)
Temperature range: -10 °C up to +40 °C, special version up to -20 °C
Power supply: 2 batteries, AA Mignon or corresponding accumulators (NiCd, NiMH), rechargeable by recharger unit or by wall station during stationary use (option)
(280 x 125 x 135) mm / length including handle
approx. 750 g (batteries included)
  • serial interface RS-232
  • recharge / mains operation
  • external detectors

    Special edition: CoMo 170F for nuclear operations at fire brigades

    Different technical data:
    • indication of measured values : cps, not nuclide referred in Bq or Bq/cm²
    • alarm: acoustic warning
    • software: fire brigades specific adaption
    • all functions secured by a password
    • additional alarm threshold for triple background count
    • no external detectors
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