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Le radiazioni ionizzanti
Le radiazioni ionizzanti naturali (Radon)

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Misuratori di radioattività Ecotest
Dosimetro TERRA bluetooth valutazione dell'esposizione personale con allarmi (uso professionale) new
dosimetro Terra
Dosimetro TERRA valutazione dell'esposizione personale con allarmi (uso professionale) dosimetro Terra
Dosimetro Terra P + Dosimetri per esposizione personale con allarmi (uso hobbystico) dosimetro Terra-P
Radiametro STORA-TU bluetooth valutazione delle radiazioni con allarmi (uso professionale) new

radiametro Stora-TU

POSHUK valutazione delle radiazioni
Misuratori di radioattività Graetz
Dose Rate Meters Dosimetri X5C plus, GammaTwin, X5C Ex

Dose Rate Meter Graetz GammaTwin

Dose Rate Alarm Units Unità di allarme

Dose Rate Alarm Unit Graetz GammaTest C

Graetz probes Sonde Graetz Graetz Probe
Dosemeters / Dose Alarm Meters Dosimetri per esposizione personale con allarmi Electronic Personal Dosemeter GRAETZ ED 150
ATEX-approved Instruments Dosimetri per ambienti eplosivi

GammaSmart V.Ex

Area Monitors Monitoraggio ambientale area monitor_Graetz
Contamination Measuring Instruments Contamination Measuring Instruments
Accessories Accessori  
Radon detection instruments
RnF Radon_Free Automatic radon monitoring systems RnF Radon free Plus
RnF OEM Sensor RnF Radon free
Canary Corentium Radon Monitor

Dose Rate Measuring System GRAETZ X5C Ex

Ex buttonfor measurements in explosion endangered atmospheresEx button

  • PTB-approved dose rate meter for measuring gamma radiation and X-rays
  • measuring size: ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10)
  • detector: energy compensated Geiger-Müller-tube
  • large digital indication of measured values on LC display (illuminable)
  • selectable dose rate or dose indication (with integration time)
  • additional quasi-analog dose rate indication (3,5 decades, logarithmic bar graph)
  • indication of peak and average value of dose rate
  • 4 free programmable dose and dose rate alarm thresholds
  • automatic or manual storage of dose and dose rate values together with date and time
  • evaluation/indication of residual time for staying in the current radiation field with regard to the maximum allowed dose
  • switchable acoustic single-pulse indication
  • menu driven operator guidance for easy operation, partly secured by password
  • storage of set parameters also when device is switched off
  • continuous self testing and monitoring ensures high reliability
  • compact, metallized housing made of high impact-proof plastic (easy to decontaminate), sealed for submersion up to 1 m depth (IP 67)
  • power supply by firmly installed accumulator
  • external probe "18 550 CEx" connectible for measuring at "hard-to-get-to" places
  • automatic probe identification
  • EMC-proof
  • Absolutely necessary accessories:
    - recharger "461L" for recharging the built-in accumulator
  • Optional accessories:
    - probe "18 550 CEx" for measurements at "hard-to-get-to" places
    - probe cable "CEx", length: 1,25 m - not extendable
    - leather bag "D" for accommodating the basic unit, the probe and the cable
Basic unit X 5 CEx
Probe 18 550 CEx
Dose rate measuring range:
1,0 µSv/h - 20 mSv/h
10 µSv/h - 20 mSv/h
Dose rate indication range:
0 nSv/h - 20 mSv/h
Dose indication range:
0 nSv - 10 Sv
Energy range:
40 keV - 1,3 MeV
75 keV - 1,3 MeV
Dose rate alarm thresholds:
4, free programmable, 0 µSv/h - 20 mSv/h
Dose alarm thresholds:
4, free programmable, 1 µSv - 10 Sv
Temperature range:
-20 °C up to +40 °C
Power supply:
9V-accumulator (firmly installed)
from the basic unit
Dimensions / Weight:
(152 x 82 x 39) mm
approx. 475 g
diameter=40 mm, length=126 mm
approx. 250 g
PTB-Approval No.:
ATEX-Approval No.: BVS PP 04.2028 EG

Ex button   II 2G EEx ib II BT6; I M2 EEx ib I  Ex button

  Dosimetri di radioattività  
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Dosimetri Ecotest Terra
per radiazioni Beta, Gamma e X
dosimetro Terra
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Dosimetri Graetz
per radiazioni Beta, Gamma e X
Electronic Personal Dosemeter GRAETZ ED 150
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  Radon detection instruments  
Remote radon control
Technical specifications
Radon Monitor

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