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TP Turbidity probe

Sonde di torbidità
TP Sonda di torbidità

Turbidity probe for the measurement of suspended solids, available in a high or low turbidity version.

The probe for the high turbidity (mod. AT) using the method of the detection of the light reflected back by the particles in suspension (back scattering). It is used an infrared light source so as to be independent of the color of the sample. The light pulse, is sent through a lens in the sample, the light, reflected from the suspended particles falls within the probe through a second lens and converted into a signal electric, according to the concentration and the particle surface.

For measurement applications in clean water, or at least a little murky, it is recommended to use the BT version This type of sensor uses the nephelometric method according to ISO 7027, and can be used for both applications in the pipe and underwater. The turbidity measurement is carried out by the method of diffusion light operated by suspended particles in the sample. A beam of light is sent into the sample through a window transparent to the wavelength used. The proportion of light scattered with an angle of 90° from particles suspended in the sample falls within the probe through a second optical window.

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TP - Turbidity probe
TP Turbidity probe



Temperature range -5...50ºC
Maximum pressure 1 bar a 25°C
Degree of protection IP 68
Cable 10 m (up to 100 m optional)
mod. AT - High turbidity  
Measuring method Back-scattering
Measured units FTU (Formazine Turbidity Unit)
Measuring range 0-100, 0-1’000, 0-10’000 FTU
FTU sensitivity 70/130 %
Zero FTU +/- 10 FTU
mod. BT - Low turbidity  
Measuring method Nephelometric
Measured units NTU (Nefelometric Turbidity Unit)
Measuring range 0-40, 0-400, 0-4’000 NTU
FTU sensitivity 70/130 %
Zero FTU +/- 0,400 NTU


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