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WMS is a remote control system for the real-time monitoring of various physical, chemical quantities, etc.

This innovative remote control system, obtained by condensing different skills and experiences acquired in the field by our technicians, is able to satisfy various monitoring requirements in an easy and intuitive.

Through the restricted area, the customer can access their monitoring system and check the functionality, snapshots measures, the database or any other parameter of interest.

Below, a small non-exhaustive list of application fields:
- Civil buildings Maintenance
- Industrial Maintenance
- Monitoring Properties at - Infrastructure Monitoring
- Archaeological Heritage
- Meteorology
- Museum Environments
- Photovoltaic Fields
- Agriculture
- Environmental monitoring
- Landfills

HFM Heat Flux Meter Flow Meter wireless for measuring the thermal transmittance of walls and ceilings. link extratech
LTD Load Test Displacements Measurement of subsidence of the floors during load tests of structural testing. link extratech
CBM Crack Building Monitor Monitoring of crack patterns in buildings. link extratech
DFJ Digital Flat Jacks System for measuring the stress / strain for in the flat jacks testing on masonry structures link extratech
All this system are manage with one software WMS and so this instrumental kit is very cheap, especially for customers who purchase multiple kits instrumental WMS-Project products Extratech because you will save money on the purchase price of the transfer system (wireless) and management of the measured data. WMS wireless monitoring solutions
Our instrumental kit can be addressed remotely through secure access to our web server and our customers will be able to check measured data( specific for HFM and CBM

All these systems have the advantage of being managed by a single software WMS which ensures substantial savings to customers, dealing with instrumental measurements, will purchase more systems developed by Extratech.

In short, our systems will be queried remotely through secure access to our web server and our customers will be able to control from the comfort of their own studio, or any part of the world, the trend of monitoring (designed for HFM and CBM

You can see also these Extratech product:

AIQ Air Indoor Quality Datalogger for environmental AIQ measure link extratech
RnF Radon Free Automatic radon monitoring system controllable from the web. link extratech
MeteoData MeteoData Automatic weather stations, Wind station, Rain gauge station. link extratech
CSM Civil Structural Monitoring Monitoring of civil infrastructure, railways, dams, bridges, buildings, etc. link  
ARM Automatic River Monitoring Automatic River Monitoring ,the surface water monitoring system with remote control. link extratech
MP7-RC Multiparametric Probe RC Multiparametric probe for hydrogeological monitoring, the best system with remote control. link extratech
WLC Water Level Control WLM is a remote control system dedicated to monitoring the water level of aquifers, wells, tanks, reservoirs and canals link extratech
WLM Water Level Monitor A remote control system dedicated to monitoring the water level of aquifers, wells, tanks, reservoirs and canals. link extratech
BIC Borehole Inclinometer Control Borehole Inclinometer Control for strucural pile monitoring with bluetooth device. link extratech
BIM Borehole Inclinometer Monitor Remote control for Borehole Inclinometer for strucural pile monitoring link extratech
TPL-W Linear transducer position wireless Crack meter wireless. link  
UFC Underpass Flooding Control Automatic system for control and signaling of rail and road underpasses flooding link extratech
LRM Landslide Remote Monitoring Automatic system for remote monitoring of landslides. link  

These automatic monitoring systems are all controlled from the web via secure login and via smartphone apps



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